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Slip Hinges

Slip Hinge


Slip Hinge Description

Slip hinges are made for "take-apart" applications. They are constructed in both left hand and right hand models and have limited travel around the fixed portion of the pin.

The slip hinge shown here is manufactured for a customer in the aerospace industry. We produce these hinges in many shape and size variations. Our extensive tooling inventory and our ability to produce new tooling in-house allow us to manufacture both standard and custom hinges efficiently in any production volume.

This hinge is constructed of 0.080" thick stainless steel and measure 1.68" in width and 2" in height. Hinge blanks are cut from a master coil of stainless steel and precurled to create the knuckle, which will become the barrel. The barrel is then rolled to the centerline according to customer specifications. After forming, holes are pierced and countersunk and the hinge is electro polished to the required surface finish.

With a large inventory of existing tooling, we can produce many single formed leaf, two leaf, and unequal leaf hinge configurations quickly and efficiently. Custom features such as radial corners or custom hole patterns can be incorporated as requested. We excel at the design and fabrication of unique, complex hinge designs that require multiple stamping and fabrication processes. Lead times are quoted on a job by job basis, and are among some of the fastest in the industry for custom products. We enjoy a great relationship with our customers who continue to rely on our quality, consistency, and fast turnaround for all of their hinge needs.

Military, marine and other specification grade hinges are manufactured at Delson Hinge.

Applications "Take-apart" applications


Custom Three Leaf Hinge
Pierced with Welded Pin

Right Hand Slip Hinge
Pierced Pinside and Slip Side

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