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Butt Hinges

Butt Hinge


Butt Hinge Description

Butt hinges are made with two independent leaves. Generally they are 6 inches or shorter in length but are otherwise similar to continuous type hinges.

We manufacture high quality custom hinges for a variety of industries. The butt hinge highlighted here is used by a manufacturer of conveying equipment who is a long time repeat customer. We designed and fabricated all of the tooling to complete this project in-house. Our large inventory of existing tooling and full machining capabilities allow us to manufacture custom hinges very quickly and efficiently.

This hinge is produced by straightening and cutting 0.075" thick stainless steel from a master coil. The blank is stamped and pre-curled to create the knuckle that is part of the barrel. The precurled shape is rolled to straighten the hinge on the centerline. Once the shape of the hinge is formed, fastener holes are pierced and ends are clipped according to the print. Holes are then countersunk and pins are cut to length. Finally, the hinge is assembled and the ends are swaged.

The final hinge meets dimensional tolerances as tight as 0.005". Inspection is performed on the first piece per run and continuously throughout multiple steps of the manufacturing process. We specialize in producing complex custom hinges that combine multiple stamping and fabrication operations.

Military, marine and other specification grade hinges are manufactured at Delson Hinge.

Applications Military and marine applications


Military Spec. Aluminum Butt Hinge Pierced, Radius Corners with Stainless Steel Washers

Steel Butt Hinge Pierced, Black Zinc Finish

Steel Butt Hinge Slotted,
Piereced with Fixed Pin

Capability Details
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