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Flag Hinges


Flag Hinge

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Flag Hinge Description

For applications that require hinges to be taken apart, we produce custom flag hinges in a variety of custom sizes. They have complete travel around the fixed portion of the pin. We have the expertise and experience to produce complex hinges, which require multiple stamping and fabrication operations. The hinge shown here is constructed of 0.060" thick steel and used by a customer in the medical industry. The pin side is 1.180" wide and 1.300" long while the slip side is 1.240" wide and 0.750" long.

To manufacture the hinge, blanks are straightened and cut from steel coils. The blanks are precurled in flag hinge tooling and the formed hinge is rolled to correct the centerline. Holes are pierced and countersunk according to the customer's specifications before the pin side of the hinge is formed. Stamping presses and press brakes are used to create the shapes and bends required to create this custom hinge.

The finished hinge is then coated with zinc and a clear top coating before being assembled with a nylon washer. The completed assemblies are packed in plastic bags for shipment to the customer. We produce approximately thousands of these hinges every year with a standard lead time of 4 weeks.

Military, marine and other specification grade hinges are manufactured at Delson Hinge.

Use the Custom Hinge RFQ for unusual configurations and features.

Applications "Take-apart" applications

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